she reveals a very intimate photo of the day of her delivery

she reveals a very intimate photo of the day of her delivery

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Nostalgic Ayem Nour: she reveals a very intimate photo of the day of her delivery

The ex-host of NRJ12 Ayem Nour is in a nostalgic mood: on her Instagram account, she chose to publish a particularly intimate photo, taken a few minutes after the birth of her son Ayvin.

Was it the approach of her baby boy’s birthday that made him want to dive back into old photos? In any case, it is a cliché filled with emotion thatAyem Nour decided to share with his fans this May 4 on his Instagram account. We see in fact the ex-chronicler of Do not touch My TV ! hold in his arms his small Ayvin, a few minutes after having given birth. Charlotte on the head, the ex-candidate of Secret Story kiss her newborn baby, wearing the traditional little hat given to the maternity ward. A particularly strong and touching photo, which should remind the young woman of many memories, almost four years later! This publication is also an opportunity for her to make a beautiful statement to her little boy. “The happiest day of my life that I decided to share with you today … My son … I love you, you are my life, my reason for living, my pride, you are everything for me, everything !!! Be a beautiful person my son …. it’s the most important, the rest we don’t care “, said the one who, in January, joined (very ephemeral) the team of Do not touch My TV !.

Separated from father and child

If Ayem Nour is rather discreet about her love life, one thing is certain: she is separated from the father of her little boy, born in June 2016. Asked about the subject in Do not touch My TV ! last January, the beautiful brunette had entrusted to be a heart to take. “You ask me if I am single? Yes I am single !“, she replied, without filter, to Cyril Hanouna.

In terms of TV career, Ayem had therefore attempted a comeback at the start of the year on C8, and had joined the gang of columnists from Do not touch My TV !. Unfortunately, the transplant did not take and the young woman participated in only a few shows before disappearing from the screens again. Viewers had not been particularly tender with it … During a survey offered on our site, more than 80% of voters had estimated that his arrival in the C8 talk show was a bad idea