she reveals her routine to stay in shape!

she reveals her routine to stay in shape!

Internal in the midst of a coronavirus crisis, the former beauty queen Marine Lorphelin has been living particularly busy days for several weeks already. Often far from her loved ones, the young woman must compete in tricks to keep morale and form, even in the most complicated moments, and there are!

A well-established fitness routine

© Berzane Nasser / ABACA

It is on her Instagram account that the young woman revealed to her many subscribers her secret to keep fit and smile after an intense day of on-call at the hospital. A routine quite basic, but which is perfectly suited to Marine Lorphelin who knew how to conserve all her energy to make it available to others: “I slept well, it feels good. I’m still a little tired but I’m going to to motivate to do things (…) The secret of a day after on call: set the alarm clock not too late in the day, take the sun, possibly play sports to try to resume the normal rhythm. ”

Simple but effective !

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