So funny! Blake Lively reveals the secret detail of all of her Met Gala looks

So funny! Blake Lively reveals the secret detail of all of her Met Gala looks

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The Met Gala is one of the most important social events in New York and the fashion event par excellence. For the invited celebs, it is good form to wrap yourself in elaborate outfits and thus attract attention. Blake Lively, however, had a completely different intention with her outfits

For years, Blake Lively has caused enthusiasm with her outfits at the Met Gala. Nobody questioned the criteria by which she chose her luxurious clothes. But it is exactly this secret that the actress has now revealed, causing some laughs and great astonishment.

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Blake Lively: So she trolled the Met Gala with her outfits

Because Blake, who is known for her humor, apparently had one thing in mind at the famous donation gala: The outfit must match the carpet. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, the “Gossip Girl” star chose his dresses so that they matched the color of the carpet that the celebrities walk over perfectly. What nobody has noticed so far, Blake now reveals itself on Instagram. On May 5, 2020, Ryan Reynolds’ wife posted a slideshow with three images showing them at the gala. She writes: “If the carpet fits Blake. Met Ball 2018, 2017 and 2016.”

Blake Lively’s Met Gala Outfit History

In 2016, for example, when the motto of the gala was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology”, she wore a Burberry dress with a floral print. The pink dress consists of organza, chiffon and silk and with the embroidered wine-red rose petals matched perfectly with the pink carpet of the event! The following year Blake inspired the motto “Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons: the art in between” with a gold-colored Versace dress, the highlight of which was a feather train in different shades of blue. Here it is striking that the dress also harmonized perfectly with the beige carpet of the event. And that is exactly what her robe from 2018 did. At that time, she wore a Versace dress with the motto “Celestial bodies: fashion and Catholic imagination”, which consisted of a golden corset set with gemstones and a red skirt with a long train and golden embroidery . The carpet of the event at that time consisted of almost the same red, beige and gold colors.

Now that Blake has revealed this secret, the fashionable harmony is really hard to miss and provides tremendous feedback. Almost three million followers liked the post and also in the comments, the fans expressed their enthusiasm for this grandiose outfit-carpet match, which hardly anyone has noticed before.

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