So your message stays in your memory

So your message stays in your memory

After you have found out in your preparation what the The reason is and who your audience will benext, think about what you want to do with your speech and what clear message you want to convey to your audience.

When you give a speech or presentation, it must be absolutely clear what you want to achieve with that speech. There are generally four intentions that you can pursue with a speech:

You want to inform

You want to inform your audience about a certain issue, teach them something or show them something. You should learn more about this topic or learn something new. Examples of such speeches are lectures, briefings, briefings or demonstrations.

You want to entertain

You want to give your listeners a few happy moments, for example at a wedding, a birthday party or a party. To make your speech entertaining, you can add anecdotes, tell stories, or report unusual events.

You want to convince

Campaign speeches or sales talks are examples of such speeches. You want to convince the audience of your point of view and encourage them to change their attitudes or at least to rethink them.

You want to inspire

You want to get your audience to support or achieve great goals or ideals. To do this, you use visual and emotional language so that this goal seems worthwhile for your listeners.

When you prepare your speech, commit to one goal:

You either want to inform or entertain or convince or inspire. This will make it easier for you to write your speech and make it easier for listeners to clearly recognize your intention.

A message: Your speech must have a – and only one – clear message that you can summarize in one or a maximum of two short sentences. It is best to formulate this core message as the last sentence of your speech.

And here are some examples:

For an informative speech: And please remember: Never add water to the acid, otherwise the immense happens!

For an entertaining speech: But thank God it’s over with the malefactor, because thanks to Sabine our friend Max has changed from a rascal to a responsible young man. To the newlyweds!

For a convincing speech: As I could show you, our learning method is efficient and saves time and money. Take advantage of our early bird discount and book your course now!

For an inspiring speech: If we want to guarantee the survival of mankind, then we have to become a multiplanetar species. Do your part and become a member of the Mars Society today!

Formulate your core message from the perspective of your listeners. What should they know, can, or do after hearing your speech? Be very specific and specific: What exactly should your listeners know, can or do? And be realistic: end your speech with a clear request that your audience can immediately implement.

Just a clear intention, just a clear message! If you pay attention to that, your speech will be effective.

This text is from Rhetorican.

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