Suddenly dandruff? That can be the cause

Suddenly dandruff? That can be the cause

The causes of dandruff can be various ISTOCKPHOTO

Do you notice that hair and scalp are gradually changing? We reveal what the reasons for dandruff and itching could be now and what helps against it

Have you had an itchy scalp and dandruff since you’ve been in quarantine? Don’t worry, that’s normal, says hair and scalp expert Stephanie Sey. “Stress can weaken your body’s natural defenses and scalp environment, leading to dryness and dandruff.”

In severe stressful situations, even Hormonal balance are so out of balance that more sebum is produced than necessary. The microorganism Malassezia globosa, who is responsible for the formation of dandruff, then finds even more fat to split, so that even more skin cells are rejected and there is increased dandruff formation.

“Grease” hair: A self-experiment

And not only that: residues from styling products (hello dry shampoo!), UV radiation and air pollution can also damage the scalp. With far-reaching consequences. Because when the scalp, which forms the foundation of our hair follicles, gets out of balance, it automatically affects the growth and condition of our hair.

What can you do about it?

In addition to special anti-dandruff shampoos, conditioners and masks, nutrition can also help to get a grip on the dandruff problem. Because a balanced diet also supports hair health – especially zinc-containing foods promote the formation of creatine and collagen and thus strengthen the hair structure. Zinc is found among others in turkey meat and shrimps, but also in oatmeal, legumes, pumpkin seeds and poppy seeds and linseed.



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