Suso faces the most controversial episodes of his life

Suso faces the most controversial episodes of his life


  • The television collaborator has wanted to apologize for some attitudes of his past that he regrets.
  • Suso has collapsed as she remembers her sister’s accident that made her see life differently.

This Saturday in ‘Viva la vida’ they wanted to show the most unknown side of their collaborators when facing ‘the stairs of emotions’. Just like the survivors from Honduras have done, Suso Álvarez has not come face to face with his emotions and has left everyone speechless. The collaborator has reported that two years ago something happened that has marked his life forever and in which, according to him, he did not know how to measure up: “There was an accident in my family that changed all of us and I feel guilty about not having been all that I should have been at my mother’s side. It hurt me so much to see my people suffer that I didn’t have the strength to keep up. ”

Suso has related the tremendous moment in which he learned that his sister was in the ICU and how he felt his life had been broken. Tears have welled up on his face: “I didn’t know how to live up to it, EmmaI fell apart, I was too young, ”he told the presenter totally broken.

Afterwards, once recovered, Suso did not hesitate to apologize to his mother and thank her for always being by his side, despite everything. “She is a woman who carries everything, I am in front of a camera but who carries everything alone is her, ever since my father passed away I have always felt that I had to be there with my mother and my two sisters ”.

Suso lost her father when she was just 8 years old and at that moment, she promised to take care of her mother and sisters. A role that, according to his mother, the young man has known how to exercise very well: “He is a very good boy, you are finally seeing what is behind that facade”.

His dark past

Suso has explained that when he has a discussion on set, when he lets himself go with anger, he always ends up regretting it. Suso recalled that in ‘GH VIP’ he had moments of which he is not proud: “In‘ GH VIP ’I just attacked and attacked, I was not feeling well.” Suso has made it clear that he feels sorry for all the times he has inadvertently hurt a television partner. And it is that his discussions with Yola Berrocal in ‘Survivors’ or his confrontations with Miriam Saavedra or Aurah Ruiz in ‘GH VIP’ are highly remembered.

“Distance is the word that hurts me the least, I am very lucky that I have not left people behind.” Suso explained that she is always close to the people she loves and she has especially talked about Lorena, a television partner (and personal psychologist with whom she speaks almost daily) who acts as a mother while away from Merche: “She is a very intelligent woman and she gives me great advice, I am not alone, I am very accompanied ”.


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