telemedicine could cut up to 500,000 trips a day

telemedicine could cut up to 500,000 trips a day

“Of the 43 million trips per day, around 2 million are linked to health reasons,” underlines the Paris Region Institute.

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A general practitioner in his office for remote consultation by telemedicine (photo of illustration).

The development of telemedicine during containment could reduce the number of daily trips for health in Île-de-France, according to a study by the Institut Paris Région published on Thursday. In Île-de-France, during normal periods, “out of the 43 million trips per day, around 2 million are related to health[[including support], or about 5% “of travel, explains Dany Nguyen-Luong, director of the Mobilities and Transport department of this institute which depends on the Île-de-France region.

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“At the national level, we went from 10,000 teleconsultations per week before the confinement to more than a million in the last week of April, that is, one multiplied by 100“, he specifies, underlining” a potential of significant reduction of displacements for health reasons if the massive practice of teleconsultation were to continue “.

“We can already reasonably envisage a medium-term scenario in Île-de-France where 15% to 25% of physical consultations could switch to teleconsultation and tele-care. This would overall lead to a decrease in daily trips for the reason between 300,000 and 500,000 trips, “he explains.

Local trips

He underlines that trips for health reasons “are rather trips of proximity”, with average durations “of 20 to 25 minutes towards city medicine and from 30 to 40 minutes towards hospital medicine”. The majority of these are trips by car, which would be mainly impacted in sparsely populated areas, which will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, he adds.

The reimbursement of the teleconsultation at 100%, temporarily and exceptionally, greatly facilitated this movement, he analyzes. The “rhythm” of the decline in care trips will therefore depend on “the regulatory framework imposed by Health Insurance after the derogating measures”, as well as the supply of digital services.


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