“Ten races on one track would also be okay”


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Bradley Smith would step in for Aprilia for suspended Andrea Iannone

In the most optimistic scenario MotoGP-Season 2020 start in late July or August. There is no official date for the first Grand Prix. However, as more and more countries in Europe relax restrictions on the spread of the corona virus, the chances of a first race will increase in the foreseeable future.

“I would not care if we would drive until Christmas,” says Aleix Espargaro in a live chat on Instagram. “In November and December we could go outside Europe, where the weather is good.”

“I wouldn’t care whether we ride several times on one track or twice on a weekend. I miss racing. I think Aprilia built a good motorcycle. I want to ride as much as possible.”

It is essential for racing drivers to race. Your entire life is focused on it. Hardly any driver has experienced such a long break in his career. “At the moment everyone is at home, we don’t do anything,” sighs Espargaro’s Aprilia team-mate Bradley Smith.

“Everyone is talking about this month or that idea. We have to be patient. We want to race. It wouldn’t matter if we had ten races on one track,” said the Briton. “I think that would be okay for everyone. We racers make races. We want to drive.”

Smith would currently stand in for Aprilia for suspended Andrea Iannone. He thinks it will be important that the Grand Prix can take place at all: “A race is a race. I don’t think the scenario or the location plays a big role.”

“But it won’t be easy,” Espargaro said. “I hope we can do at least ten races between September and December.” If it works with races, the calendar could look completely different than what is currently planned.


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