The 2nd phase LIVE: stores reopen, strike this morning at STIB

The 2nd phase LIVE: stores reopen, strike this morning at STIB

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Deconfinement – The 2nd phase LIVE: stores reopen, strike this morning at STIB

The coronavirus in Belgium has led to containment, with significant economic repercussions, to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Since the beginning of May, deconfinement has started. This Monday, May 11 is marked by the reopening of stores. Consult in real time the news of this particular day.

The second stage of Belgium’s progressive deconfinement program begins today. The streets will no doubt be busier than usual since the shops can reopen. Only cafes and restaurants as well as shops that require close contact with the public, such as beauty salons, hairdressers, or fitness or sports complexes, will remain closed. For the others, common sense rules (see below) are to be respected, to prevent the disease from spreading.


STIB drivers strike in Brussels

STIB informs that its bus network is highly disturbed as well as a reduced frequency of trams. However, the metro runs normally. The work stoppages were decided by the drivers themselves and are not led by the unions.

Preventive measures were taken at the start of containment. They were removed today. For drivers, it is far too early. There is no longer a passenger limit and no more social distance. Drivers fear full vehicles. Masks of course do not protect enough“said a driver from the Delta depot on Bel RTL.

Staff on sick leave assert their “right of withdrawal”. The “right of withdrawal” is a right for any worker to leave their job in case of “serious and imminent danger” – without fear of being dismissed. It has never been used in the history of Belgium. A few days ago, he had been mentioned by the president of the FGTB union, who considered that it was premature to exercise such a right.


– As with all businesses that are already open, only one customer can be accommodated per 10 square meters.

– The maximum duration in the store will be thirty minutes.

– It is strongly advised that customers wear protection that protects the nose and mouth in the store.

– Social distancing must be respected.

– The employer is also responsible for the health and safety of his workers. He will do everything so that this security can be guaranteed.

– It is also essential that these reopenings do not cause a crowd effect, which is why you will have to do your shopping alone. If there are a lot of people on the street or in the mall, you are asked to use common sense and come back at another time.

– An exception will be made for a child under the age of 18 who may be accompanied by a parent, and obviously people in need of support.

– It is recommended to go to shops located in a city or town near his home, or his place of work.

– Priority must be given to people over the age of 65, people who are less mobile, and health care personnel.


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