The 4 best ideas for mom’s relaxation in everyday life

The 4 best ideas for mom's relaxation in everyday life

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What mom doesn’t she know, the never ending days, the hours of play afternoons and the tired mornings in which the worm is already at breakfast – time for relaxation!

Everyday life can be grueling, tiring and exhausting for mums at times. If the nights are also short, it is usually a great challenge to remain calm and relaxed in order to survive the next day as balanced as possible.

We have a few ideas for you here, how you can fill up with your child a little relaxation in everyday life despite the most adverse circumstances.

Take a hearty sip

A lot of training sessions and relaxation options just don’t work in everyday life with a child. Either time or energy is always missing, isn’t it? However, what is possible several times a day is to drink a glass of fresh, clear water. As a rule, we drink too little anyway. Pour yourself a glass of pure water and drink it sip by sip. Try to be aware of the way the liquid travels from the glass over your neck to your middle. Repeat this exercise several times a day.

Breathe in and out deeply

Breathing has been shown to affect a number of functions in our body. For example, by consciously breathing in and out, you can support and regulate your digestion, but also the blood supply to your body. Especially in stressful situations, many people tend to be short of breath. The entire posture also changes completely unnoticed and in turn affects breathing. By remembering to breathe deeply into your belly so that it bulges noticeably, you can enable your body to relax a lot in a relatively short time. If you also manage to let go of stressful and worrying thoughts as you exhale, you can gradually achieve a state of mental balance.

Stretch and stretch

Children show us how. They move instinctively. They always change their position and always like to test the limits of their bodies. If you feel fatigue and tired, you can treat yourself to a 3-minute relaxation to recharge your batteries. Stretch and stretch, stretch and bend your body in an interplay. Depending on the age of your child, you can invite them to do this exercise. You are tiny little plants that have just fought their way out of the earth and are growing up to stately trees. Perhaps you are carrying fresh fruit and leaves that you shake off vigorously. Feel into your body and try to get completely yourself for a moment during this exercise. Imagine roots growing out of the soles of your feet and anchoring yourself firmly in the ground. There are no limits to your imagination.

Power yourself out

Your child will particularly like this exercise. Children are big fans of jumping and dancing. Put in your favorite music and off you go. Let yourself be carried away by the sounds of the instruments and spontaneously move your body to the music. The louder the better, the faster the more liberating and the more rampant the more sustainable. A time-out to really exhaust yourself again is fun for young and old and can bring lasting relaxation.

At first, these mindfulness exercises may seem like a drop in the ocean, but little by little you will feel how good a little relaxation can do for your body and soul. Most mindfulness and relaxation exercises only have their full effect if you use them regularly and consistently, at best every day.

We wish you a lot of confidence and leisure!


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