the air sector wants to resume without neutralizing seats on planes

the air sector wants to resume without neutralizing seats on planes

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“This is an absolutely major and brutal collapse” of air traffic in Paris but also in all the airports managed worldwide by Groupe ADP, deplores the director general of ADP

While deconfinement is taking shape in many countries, air traffic will still suffer for many months. On BFM Business this Monday, Alexandre de Juniac, the CEO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) plans to restart in three phases which will be spread over the year: first domestic flights, then continental flights and finally inter-continental flights. But according to him, at the end of the 4th quarter of this year, traffic will represent only “50 to 60%” of the same period a year earlier. “Quite pessimistic figures,” he said.

And it will be necessary to completely review the boarding and flight rules to avoid further contamination. But for the manager, there is no question of neutralizing one seat per row of planes to apply social distancing.

Sanitary control at the airport

“We would avoid neutralizing the central seat because our analyzes show that in the plane the contamination was extremely low. It is really infinitesimal. These analyzes are preliminary. (…) It is due to the ventilation which is rather well done, it goes from the ceiling to the floor. This is due to the fact that people are seated facing a seat, “explains Alexandre de Juniac.

And to warn again: “you can’t fly an airplane two-thirds full unless you increase prices (tickets) by 50%, which is contrary to everything we’ve done for 40 years”.

What then will be the measures applied? “We are in the process of discussing with all the governments to try to set up the same process everywhere to avoid complications. There would be a control at the airport, perhaps a health declaration, distribution of masks, wearing of mandatory mask on board “. Just like “temperature control, disinfection of the plane,” adds the manager.


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