The auto sector will have to relocate in return for the support of the French State

European car market sank in March

They have been hit hard by the health crisis linked to the new coronavirus … Actors in the French automotive sector will have to consider relocations in return for the support that the State intends to give them, warned Bruno Le Maire on Monday.

“We are ready to help you, we are ready to improve for example the conversion bonuses, we are ready to look at what will improve your competitiveness on the French production site, the counterpart it must be what relocation does you are considering “, declared the French Minister of Economy and Finance to the actors of the sector on BFM Business.

Ecological transition and competitiveness

“This is how we will manage to build a stronger automotive industry,” he said, adding that he would meet again this week with representatives of the industry.

The ecological transition is also an important axis and should be the “first orientation” for the automotive industry. “The second is to gain competitiveness: if we want to keep sites in France, we have to be competitive with other production sites everywhere else across the planet”.

Sales plunge in France

Registrations of new cars in France increased their plummet in April, with a free fall of 88.84%, consequence of the interruption of the traffic in the concessions, closed because of the epidemic of coronavirus, and the containment of the population to stem it. The market had already plunged in March.

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