The Civil Guard orders that flags and banners be removed from the surroundings of Pablo Iglesias’ chalet

The Civil Guard orders that flags and banners be removed from the surroundings of Pablo Iglesias' chalet

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The Civil Guard has given the order to the agents who protect the house of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero in Galapagar that avoid placing flags and banners on nearby streets of the residence. The instruction is part of an Operations Command document in which instructions are given on how the home security device should be, where in recent days there have been protests against the government’s management in the coronavirus crisis. Members of the Armed Institute believe that the decision may affect the “freedom of expression” of the residents.

The document to which you have had access Vozpópuli, dated March 13, 2020 -the day the alarm status was announced-, summarizes in two pages the orders to the agents who are responsible for the protection of housing, both those who remain in the security gate and those who patrol in the immediate vicinity as reinforcement: “Instructions for protection of domicile and authorities,” reads the file title.

In the first section of the order, where the “purpose of the protection device” is detailed, it contains the instruction regarding flags and banners. “Avoid damage to the farm, including graffiti [sic], or the placement of any other element on the fence / exterior wall, surrounding or neighboring streets (banners, signage, flags or any other physical element that contains symbols, claims, claims, etc) “.

Furthermore, the order urges the agents to avoid concentrations of people “in the section of streets that surround the fence / exterior wall of the home, placing them outside that space”. In recent days, the vicinity of the home of Galapagar have become the scene of protests against the management of the Executive in this pandemic.

As this newspaper already reported, the Civil Guard cut off access to the main access street to the house. The decision is based on the instruction received by the agents from their superiors, considering that may represent a vulnerable point in the protection of Iglesias and Montero.

Misunderstanding between agents

The order to prevent flags from being placed on the streets surrounding the chalet has encouraged the agents in charge of the device, according to the association. Jucil of the Civil Guard -born of the Jusapol movement, together with the Jupol union of the National Police-. “It squeaks a little, I don’t know if it’s a drafting defect”, he considers Augustine Leal, Jucil’s national secretary of communication.

The order touches on freedom of expression“Leal affirms. In his opinion,” it is not understandable “that the agents are urged to remove all the flags and banners in the surrounding streets:” It can be understood that this instruction is given on the authorities’ own wall, but not everywhere. “

Likewise, the representative of Jucil considers the deployment that has been put in the vicinity of the house “excessive”, according to technical security criteria: “If your safety really is at stake, the most effective thing would be to move both of them to another place. As far as we know, there has been no direct threat to the Vice President and no serious incident has occurred. If we stick to the images that we have seen these days, we have not seen people with a dangerous attitude either. ”


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