The club association requests to be able to take the temperature to its clients

The club association requests to be able to take the temperature to its clients

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The nightlife employers Spain Nightlife has asked the Government to initiate the procedures for give legal coverage to the possibility of take temperature to customers before entering a room, if the employer considers it convenient, with infrared thermometers or thermal cameras as a protection measure against coronavirus.

The entity has made this request to the Ministry of Health before the scenario that arises with the reopening to the public of the restaurant premises in stages and given that many entrepreneurs have already expressed their intention to Take the temperature your clients to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Secretary General of Spain Nightlife, Joaquim Boadas, has ensured that, currently, “there is no legal coverage” so that the owner of a bar, a restaurant or a disco can obtain information about the health or temperature of a client, since they are personal data. So you think it would be approval of a standard is necessary with the rank of law to enable said process, as a ministerial order would not be sufficient.

The association has requested Health to give legal coverage to this measure to reduce the risk of infection inside the hotel and leisure premises, since, in this way, no person would be allowed to enter with a temperature, for example, higher than 37 degrees. The Spanish employers Spain Nightlife It includes bars, restaurants, bars, discos and similar associations and member federations in Madrid, Valencia, Catalonia, Ibiza and the Canary Islands.


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