The Consell defends that the Gambling Law is balanced and is born as a result of dialogue with all agents

The Consell defends that the Gambling Law is balanced and is born as a result of dialogue with all agents

Commission for reconstruction in Les Corts

The speakers of the Game Law in Les Corts Valencianes of the PSPV-PSOE, José Muñoz; of You compromise, Graciela Ferrer, and Podem Units, Ferran Martínez, explained in a telematic press conference that this law is one of the most ambitious in Spain, and have highlighted that it is the result of social dialogue, after an intense debate with the entire sector and agents involved that has made possible “a very balanced and necessary law”.

The three politicians have lamented the campaigns against the law that they are being heard in recent weeks and that, as they have said, “are not based on rigorous data”. They recalled that the current regulation is from 1988 and now it is necessary a new text adapted to the current context and to stop the proliferation of bookmakers and gaming halls, which in the last six years have increased their presence in the Valencian Community.

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The rule provides that these establishments cannot be installed within 850 meters of schools, and that between them there is a minimum distance of 500 meters. Regarding the consequences that it could have on the hospitality industry, the speakers have rejected that the installation of remote controls to activate the slot machines may imply the closure of bars and recalled that there is a 12-month period for the hospitality establishments to install the remote control system like the one that tobacco machines already have. Lastly, they recalled that with the entry into force of the law, the application of distance regulations will not be immediate in the 518 gambling halls, but rather the application will be gradual depending on when each of them requested the license, and they will have to comply with when requesting the renewal of the concession.

For his part, the Finance spokesman for the socialist parliamentary group in Les Corts, Jose Muñoz, has warned that “if three months ago this rule was necessary, now with post-COVID crisis It is urgent. “” In times of crisis like the one we are experiencing, it has been shown to increase gambling addiction and gambling addiction that affects the most vulnerable people because it creates a false appearance that a stroke of luck can change your life ” For this reason, it has insisted that this law “is necessary and urgent now more than ever“and he pointed out that” it reconciles the interests and protection of vulnerable people with the interests of an economic sector that is legal but has to be regulated. ”

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The deputy and speaker of Commitments in the Gambling Law, Graciela Ferrer, He stressed that “if this law was necessary four years ago, today, with the serious crisis situation we are facing, it is even more necessary. He assured that with the law that they will approve on Monday in the plenary session of Les Corts they will give answer to the prevention of pathological gambling. “Is a law that regulates, does not prohibit, and its fundamental principle is protect public health, childhood and adolescence, incorporating the mandate to make a comprehensive strategy for the prevention of pathological gambling. We will leave our skin in defense of public health, and in the protection of childhood and adolescence so that they can develop as people without suffering from gambling addiction, “he added.

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For his part, the Economy spokesman for the Unides Podem parliamentary group, Ferran Martínez, He explained that “the reasons that led us to process a new gambling law are more valid than ever.” In this sense, he recalled that “this will be a pioneering law, and in addition, it is a demand of society that we equip ourselves with new legislation that is more vigorous and that protects families and the most vulnerable groups from compulsive gambling.” The parliamentarian has stressed that “for months there has been a social dialogue process around the Valencian gambling law with the employers of the sector but also with unions, neighborhood associations, consumer organizations, NGOs and different expertsHowever, he regretted that “even so, in recent weeks there has been a pressure campaign by certain lobbies demanding the withdrawal of the law to which the opposition parties PP, Ciudadanos and VOX have joined

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