The crisis is making these things more expensive

The crisis is making these things more expensive

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Corona: The crisis is making these things more expensive

It’s hard to believe, but the Corona crisis has made some things much more expensive. What things are affected and where do you have to pay now? We’ll clear it up!

Corona crisis: These things are becoming increasingly expensive

Now we all notice very clearly how the current crisis is affecting our lives, but sometimes we still ask ourselves whether Corona will further restrict our lives in the future – legitimately! Because both small and large changes are slowly becoming more noticeable. Who in the supermarket e.g. paid close attention, he will have noticed that one thing in particular expensive than any other: Vegetables! A current evaluation of the agricultural market information society has shown that the prices between April 1st and 19th for some vegetables were much higher than last year. For comparison: we have to pay an average of 62 percent more for broccoli, 46 percent for the peppers and 33 percent for lettuce. Asparagus has also become more expensive, by 38 percent.

What is the reason for the expensive prices?

But what is the reason for that? Vegetables more expensive has become? For seasonal vegetables, such as It is because of the asparagus that there are simply enormous restrictions on the harvest due to the corona crisis. Europe lacks harvest workers who are not allowed to enter due to travel restrictions. That means there is less harvesting, which means that fewer products can be sold. But although a few Things through the Crisis has become more expensive we can breathe easy in other places. A few things have become cheaper, such as the mangoes by about 30 percent. JUHU! It remains to be seen when things and vegetable prices are back to normal. In the meantime, we may just be feeding some more mangoes. What do you want most after Corona? You can vote for it here!

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