the day she hid in a bush to avoid a head of state

the day she hid in a bush to avoid a head of state

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Elizabeth II: the day she hid in a bush to avoid a head of state

If Elizabeth II is known for her looks and her manners of monarch, always diplomat. Well almost always. His patience was put to the test by the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in 1978.

From the age of 25, Elizabeth II acceded to the throne of England, after the death of her father, George VI, in 1953. In more than sixty years of reign – almost seventy years -, the queen rubbed shoulders with many heads of state, from Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump, passing by Bashar-Al-Assad, always with the same diplomacy. Always, really? It would seem that not: Lizzie’s patience would have been put to the test by Nicolae Ceausescu, can we read in the american media People. It was in 1978, during the four-day visit to London of the dictator – at the head of Romania from 1965 to his execution in 1989 – accompanied by his wife Elena. Elizabeth II, obliged by the British government, received the couple at Buckingham Palace for a state dinner.

Elizabeth II hidden in the bushes of Buckingham Palace

Even before Nicolae Ceausescu arrived in England, the dictator’s visit was widely criticized in the media. Why are we inviting this monster to come to the UK ? , was the question asked in the newspapers, remembered journalist Robert Hardman in the documentary Our Queen : Inside the Crown, broadcast Thursday, May 21. And Elizabeth II seemed to agree with the media. However, fulfilling her duty as queen, she had no choice but to welcome Nicolae Ceausescu at the station and escort him to Buckingham Palace. While they were settled in Buckingham, [Elizabeth II] took out her corgis for a stroll through the palace gardens when she saw Ceausescu arrive on the other side said Robert Hardman.

Unwilling to run into the Romanian dictator and his wife, Prince Philip’s wife made a decision. She said to herself “I don’t want to talk to them ”, then for the first and only time in his life, she hid in a bush in the garden of Buckingham to avoid his guests. History does not say if Elizabeth II was spotted by Nicolae Ceausescu!