The Generalitat urges the establishment of a “strong” municipal government in Badalona

The Generalitat urges the establishment of a

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Badalona PSC press conference with Teresa González, Rubén Guijarro and Raquel López

The spokeswoman for the Govern, Meritxell Budó, has urged this Saturday to constitute a municipal governmentstrong”And“ solid ”in Badalona (Barcelona), that can work“ hand in hand ”with the Generalitat, to face the effects of the pandemic of coronavirus.

Next Tuesday at 12.00 pm the investiture plenary session of the new mayor of Badalona, replacing the socialist Alex Pastor, without for now the various left formations of the consistory have been able to agree to form an alternative majority to the PP of Xavier García Albiol.

At the Government’s telematic press conference, Budó has avoided publicly opting for a concrete coalition formula and has limited himself to stressing the need for Badalona, ​​”one of the most important cities” in Catalonia, to have “as soon as possible ”A“ solid ”municipal government.

“We need the Badalona City Council to have a strong municipal government,” stressed Budó, who insisted that at a time of “many difficulties” such as the current one, it is necessary for the Generalitat and local authorities “to work hand in hand” to cope with the coronavirus crisis.

The plenary will be face-to-face and will be held at the BCIN

The investiture session, which will be held in the auditorium of the Badalona Center Internacional de Negocis (BCIN), must have the presence of the councilors, since they must personally cast their vote to choose the new mayor after the resignation of Álex Pastor (PSC ), and it cannot be held in the plenary hall of the City Council because its dimensions would not guarantee sanitary measures in the face of the pandemic.

The plenary will begin with the constitution of the Age Table – with the oldest councilor, Ramón Riera (PP), and the youngest, Andrea Zapata (PSC) -, after which the list heads who appear as Candidates for mayor may intervene before the plenary session, something that can later be done by a representative of each municipal group.

Each councilor will have an envelope and a ballot to write the name of the candidate they support, and will put their vote in a ballot box: if any candidate obtains an absolute majority – 14 votes – it will be proclaimed and, if none of them does, the head of the list of the most voted candidate in the elections, which was former mayor Xavier García Albiol (PP).

After the election and proclamation as mayor, the municipal groups will be able to intervene again before the new first mayor does and the session closes, which will take place after the plenary accepted last Saturday the resignation of Pastor in another extraordinary plenary session , which was held with a reduced presence of councilors at the City Hall.

The new PSC councilor, Christian Carneado, will take office in a session at 11:45 am, before the full investiture, called after Pastor’s resignation after being arrested while driving drunk during confinement, after which various groups Municipalities opened negotiations that are still open.


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