“The Grudge” returns with trailer for “Japanese horror series” Ju-On Origins


Netflix will offer in July its adaptation of the saga “The Grudge”, with its first Japanese horror series

© Netflix / Screenshot
“The Grudge” returns to Netflix with “Ju-On Origins”

HORROR – Netflix will offer its adaptation of the saga “The Grudge”, in July, with its first Japanese horror series After the successes of The Haunting of Hill House and American horror story, Netflix has decided to continue riding the wave of horror series. The American platform unveiled this week the first images of Ju-On: Origins, the very first adaptation of the franchise The Grudge on the small screen. Through this trailer, the scary images should delight fans of the genre, not to mention the return of this rattle that traumatized thousands of people in 2004 and the release of the first film in the saga.

The series of Netflix will focus on the story of Haruka, an actress plagued by footsteps in her house when the night comes. She will then call on a researcher in parapsychology, in order to resolve this increasingly disturbing problem. Both attracted by the accursed house that made the saga a success, they will try to unlock the secrets of the building, while preventing the curse from falling on them.

Six episodes available from July 3

According to Netflix, “the Japanese horror film series Ju-on was actually based on real events that happened for over 40 years … and the truth goes beyond fiction. ” Ju-On: Origins will be available starting July 3 on Netflix and will have six episodes.

The platform’s first Japanese horror series, it will be embodied in particular by Yuina Kuroshima, who has already played in two films in the franchise in 2014 and 2015.



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