The leader of Hogar Social Madrid arrested in protests in front of the PSOE headquarters

The leader of Hogar Social Madrid arrested in protests in front of the PSOE headquarters

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Anti-government protests on the streets they keep leaving incidents. The National Police have arrested at least one person and identified several this Friday on Ferraz Street, in front of the PSOE headquarters, during the protest with saucepans against the Government. This has been confirmed to Efe by police sources, who have specified that the arrested is the spokeswoman for the neo-Nazi group Hogar Social Madrid, Melisa Domínguez, which is accused of resistance and disobedience when confronting the agents deployed in the area, in which hundreds of citizens have protested at nine o’clock at night for the management of the Executive in the coronavirus crisis.

The arrest of Melisa Domínguez has taken place when National Police agents have urged the members of this ultra collective to remove some posters that they carried during the protest in which it was possible to read ‘900,000 people without charging an ERTE’. “Several protesters have been identified and fined, and one of them arrested for protesting the police abuse”, has indicated Hogar Social Madrid on his Twitter account.

Dozens of people have gathered again this Friday in front of the PSOE headquarters to protest the management of the Pedro Sánchez government in the coronavirus pandemic. For the seventh consecutive day, the congregants, in fewer numbers than previous days and in the presence of a strong police device, have carried out a “pan” and have issued shouts of resignation against the Executive.

At around 9:00 p.m., a group of citizens has demonstrated again, but, as has happened in recent days, the police presence has prevented the congregants from invading the road and cutting off that section of the road to car traffic. In this way, concentrations of people have been avoided, limiting the movement of citizens to the sidewalks.

Thus, security in the area has been reinforced with the passage of the week, with a greater police presence and “milk” of the National Police in front of the headquarters of the “socialists.” In addition, a lower presence of people has been noted in the demonstration this Friday, although in most cases they carried pots with which they made loud noises to show their outrage at the government’s policy in the health crisis.

Most of them were decked out with the flag of Spain, with ensigns of different sizes. Among the slogans, cries of ‘Government resignation’, ‘Pigtails to prison – in reference to Vice President Pablo Iglesias -‘, ‘Sánchez resignation’, ‘freedom’ and ‘out, out’.

The protesters, in addition, were mingling with other citizens who took the opportunity to walk or play sports. Also from the balconies and windows of the houses on Ferraz street, many residents have wanted to share the protests with citizens who were abroad, according to Ep.

In the building located in front of the PSOE headquarters, residents have taken down a banner from the windows that read: ‘Death. Lie. Misery. Censorship’, accompanied by the phrase ‘Vote PSOE / Feel Venezuela’ and an allusion to the YouTube channel Estado de Alarma.


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