The look of Ana de Armas can inspire you this afternoon to go for a walk

The look of Ana de Armas can inspire you this afternoon to go for a walk

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Ana de Armas continues to set a trend towards an appearance on the street. Her latest look is perfect because it not only combines several of the trends of the season, it is also very easy to put it into practice with clothes that you already have in the wardrobe.

As soon as he surprises us with the most complicated garment of the season, like that Gucci car racing aesthetic bodysuitHow do you leave home with a simple cowboy and a t-shirt. TO Ana de Armas He likes to play with fashion and trends and he shows them to us in each of his looks.

Just yesterday, the Cuban actress was taking her pet for a walk again with a style that has caught our attention and not only because it is in keeping with the trends of the season, but also because it is possible to be inspired by it with clothes that we already have in the wardrobe.

The lingerie top will be one of the summer pieces together with the body. We said that he is the french allure what makes it stand out from the rest. Ana de Armas chooses a model in mustard color, in satin and with lace details.

His true success is to combine it with much more casual garments to take away its night style. So the interpreter bets on some skinny jeans very waist high and by a black Converse. Accustomed to seeing Ana in her white Golden Goose inseparable, this choice shows us that it’s always a good idea to put on your Converse, especially at halftime. As a final touch, several medals around the neck, also following the dictates of trends …


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