the multimedia cloud platform now accessible on Raspberry Pi

the multimedia cloud platform now accessible on Raspberry Pi

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MMPhygital, a French company specializing in connected objects for businesses, took advantage of this confinement period to accelerate the development of its EasyDK solution.

On the program: transformation of Raspberry Pi into a free and complete cloud-media platform.

EasyDK comes in beta on Raspberry Pi

Confinement gives ideas and frees up some spaces in often busy schedules. This is how the Lyon-based company MMPhygital worked on porting Easy Digital Key to Raspbian, so that this multimedia Coud solution was accessible to everyone on Raspberry Pi. ” Everyone is looking for instructive and relevant occupations during this period of confinement. Currently digital demonstrates its usefulness. By offering our software to as many people as possible, we wanted to be part of a collective sharing process ” It is in these words that Monel Mancel, CEO of MMPhygital, announced the arrival of EasyDK on Raspberry Pi in a press release.

If this initiative undoubtedly aims to make known this solution to companies with, at the end, an offer in the form subscription dedicated to them, it will also allow Pi enthusiasts to enjoy a multimedia platform that seems relatively complete for free.

As we have been able to see recently, the Raspberry Pi is in fact very busy during this unusual period. Firstly because it allows you to keep busy by carrying out many projects, but also, because it constitutes a very economical solution to help in the fight against the coronavirus, reason for which the Raspberry Pi Foundation is committed to accelerating the production of its Pi Zero cards, to make respirators.


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Easy DK: for which applications?

Now in beta phase, EasyDK has many multimedia features and allows both remote management via the Cloud (for three machines in its free version), or offline, which makes it a relevant solution for personal and professional uses. . This free software therefore provides access to streaming and broadcasting functions for all types of multimedia content, file sharing and so on, with local storage or via the Cloud (2 GB available), all controllable from a smartphone (Android as iOS) or via the Cloud interface.

To take advantage of it, you just have to recover the EasyDK image via the official website, then deploy it to an SD card. Note that it is recommended to use a class 10 SD card with at least 10 GB of storage space.

For the rest, you will obviously need a Raspberry Pi (or Linux equivalent), EasyDK is compatible with the Pi 3 A + and B + as well as with the Raspberry Pi 4.

Finally, EasyDK requires an account ioconstellation. This account will allow you to manage your content from its web interface or from your mobile devices such as a remote control. In addition, it gives you access to the 2 GB of Cloud space offered as well as many customization options.

EasyDK - sample applications.JPG

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EasyDK – sample applications.JPG

The application possibilities are numerous, as we can see from the image above. Some of them are however only accessible with the PRO version of EasyDK, in particular the dynamic display function, the integration of add-ons, or even access to APIs.

Source: Press release


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