The net is talking about these conspiracy theories

The net is talking about these conspiracy theories

Why we are overwhelmed by conspiracy theories right now.

The moon landing was only staged, Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy are still alive and Bielefeld actually doesn’t exist. Conspiracy theories like this have been around for a long time. But since the beginning of the corona pandemic, new ones have appeared on social media. That confirms one Study by the research team at the University of Münster. Thereafter, only a few individual false reports about the corona virus are disseminated in German-speaking countries, but a larger number of complex conspiracy theories. You can hear and read about these 3 theories again and again.

1: “Bill Gates destroys humanity for his wealth. ”

The basic assumption of this theory is that a vaccine had been developed against the novel corona virus before it was spread. The patent for this is owned by a research institute that is supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates had therefore grown the corona virus in a secret laboratory and then had it spread all over the world in order to then make millions with the long-existing vaccine.

2: “Trump fights child murder as a hero. ”

What, according to this theory, many people do not know is that US President Donald Trump is actually a hero who is fighting against the evil and powerful “deep state”. The members of this “deep state” belonged to an international children’s dealer ring that kidnapped children and murdered them in secret, underground camps. The dead children would then be made into adrenochrome, a rejuvenating agent. In fact, the corona pandemic should only distract from Trump’s attempt to free the kidnapped children from the secret camps.

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3: “People don’t die from Corona, but from the mobile network.

There are even two different theories about the 5G mobile communications standard. In the first version, it accelerated the spread of the corona virus because people were already so physically exposed to the radiation that they became more easily ill. Or the corona virus actually doesn’t exist at all and was only invented to cover up the mass extinction of people through the mobile network.

But why are there so many conspiracy theories about the corona virus?

Pia Lamberty is a social psychologist at the University of Mainz. She says that it is understandable in theory: “In times of crisis, the likelihood is greater that conspiracy theories arise and spread.” The main reason for this is that we feel powerless. We are at the mercy of the situation and cannot – or only to a limited extent – influence further developments ourselves. This feeling of losing control is crucial, explains Pia Lamberty.

In addition, according to Lamberty, people who believe in conspiracy theories often feel special and unique: “They think they are the only ones who see the truth, while everyone else is too stupid or naive.”

By the way, conspiracy theories can arise for a variety of reasons. Be it for political mobilization or for the marketing of certain products – the authors earn from the fear and insecurity of the people.

How to prevent the spread of conspiracy theories?

Fortunately, there is a large selection of organizations and websites that provide information about fake news and conspiracy theories. The Correctiv research network, the NewsGuard tracking center and the Mimikama non-profit organization for example, regularly collect and review facts and myths about the corona pandemic. Social networks like Facebook and YouTube have started to remove incorrect information from their feeds. In addition, they refer to posts and videos about Corona to official sources like that Federal Ministry of Health, the Robert Koch Institute or the BZgA. This enables us to protect ourselves independently from false reports and conspiracy theories.

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