the Premier League towards the purchase of mass tests for the recovery

the Premier League towards the purchase of mass tests for the recovery

Determined to go to the end of the 2019-2020 season, the Premier League would invest in 40,000 coronavirus test kits with a view to resuming matches in the coming weeks.


The Premier League seems at least as determined as Serie A and the Bundesliga to resume their championship. So do not follow the example of the Netherlands and France, which are for the moment the only European countries to have ended their football season.

According to the British newspaper The sun, the Premier League is reported to have planned to purchase nearly 40,000 coronavirus test kits for a total bill of £ 4 million, or around € 4.6 million.

A resumption of matches planned for early June

A large club, whose identity is not revealed, has even already sent kits to the homes of its players for them to test themselves. Reunited Friday by the Premier League, the English clubs reaffirmed their desire to go to the end of this 2019-2020 season. Training could resume on May 18 and a resumption of the championship would be envisaged from June 8 or 12, with matches behind closed doors likely to take place in a limited number of stadiums and on neutral grounds.

Players, coaches and staff members could be tested two or three times a week. A prospect that does not appeal to everyone. Interviewed on Saturday by BT Sport, Frank Lampard thus explained that it would not be “well seen” that footballers have, compared to other trades, privileged access to the samples allowing to know if there has been contamination with Covid-19 or not. “If we have to do these tests regularly, that’s fine,” said the Chelsea coach. “But I don’t know how many tests are done for the caregivers and workers who do incredible jobs.”


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