the price of plexiglass soars, penalizing restaurateurs

the price of plexiglass soars, penalizing restaurateurs

At a time when restaurateurs in the green zone are preparing to reopen, the price of plexiglass has reached peaks. However, professionals need it to establish partitions and enforce physical distance. This surge in prices makes it even more uncertain a curtain raiser for establishments forced to equip themselves.

“In the end, we are still the victims.” Although the protocol reopening of restaurants by government has been postponed to Tuesday, restaurant owners in the green zone like Rémi Koessler are already preparing to welcome customers on June 2. To do this, they install large plexiglass panels between the tables, thus following the recommendation of the Directorate General of Health against coronavirus. However, at a time when many businesses are preparing to reopen, demand is exploding and prices are reaching their peaks.

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As with the masks “at the beginning of the crisis”

“For a plexi of 1.5 meters by 50 centimeters wide, you can have 500 balls, it slams” confirms to the microphone of Europe 1 Rémi Koessler, the owner of the restaurant L’Eden in Eguilles, in the Aix countryside. “There is an opportunism on the prices charged.” A situation which is reminiscent of that of the selling price of masks “at the beginning of the crisis”, but “now it is on the materials that we need, we, for the reopening”, denounces- he.


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“You have to invest to work”

Especially since it is difficult to do without these protections to reopen, unless you have enough space to comply with the new rule of one meter between tables. “If we do not put these plates in place we cannot open, so we will have to invest to be able to work” summarizes the restaurateur. So to be able to welcome customers without seeing the budget explode, Raymond Koessler, also boss of L’Eden, decided to trick by installing “transparent rigid PVC”. A material ten times cheaper than Plexiglas.

But that does not seem sufficient since only six tables are properly isolated for the time being, whereas the establishment used to make about forty covers per service. The two restaurateurs therefore hope to be able to take advantage of their terrace at the time of reopening, and recover outside some of the space and customers lost inside.


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