The Show must go on: Drag Queens in the home office

The Show must go on: Drag Queens in the home office

Since bars and clubs have closed, drag queens broadcast their shows via live stream – or simply from the balcony.


Events have been canceled, bars and clubs are closed – and probably even longer. Not only the organizers and operators are affected by the closures, but also drag queens, who have not been able to perform since then. They are therefore relocating their art to their home office through live videos and social networks. The photographer Damien Frost shows how this can look in his photo series. He portrays Drag Queens – via video chat on the iPad.

The Hamburg Drag Queen Valery Pearl creates a mood in the neighborhood. Every Saturday she hangs up on her own balcony and transmits these “balcony sessions” to IGTV.

Berlin-based drag queen Pansy Parker presents new performers every Tuesday in their online show on Twitch.

Drag Queen Vivienne Villain offers live streams from the Munich club Harry Klein on Facebook – with DJs, visuals and shows from various drag queens.

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