“The situation in Milan is a bomb,” warns an Italian virologist


“We have a very high number of infected people returning to circulation,” warns Professor Massimo Galli, as the economic capital of Italy gradually lifts the containment.

Milan, the economic capital of Italy, is slowly resuming its activities after weeks of confinement due to the epidemic of Covid-19. And there is more reason to worry about it than to rejoice, according to Professor Massimo Galli, head of the infectious diseases department at the prestigious Milanese hospital Sacco.

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“The situation in Milan is a bit of a bomb, because there were a lot of people who remained locked up at the house while being sick “, because they could not be tested, estimated this renowned virologist in an interview with the daily newspaper La Repubblica published Friday.

“We have a very high number of infected people coming back into circulation,” he added, referring to the gradual resumption of industrial and commercial activities and the gradual lifting of the containment started on May 4 in Italy. Professor Gallia also noted the risk of having to reinstate containment measures if contagion figures start to rise again.

Towards a reconfiguration in Italy?

“It is a fact that reopening can present problems. Our region (Editor’s note: Lombardy, of which Milan is the capital) may have to return to containment, but also certain areas of Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna, “he warned.

Lombardy and its capital Milan are the areas most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic with nearly 15,000 deaths in more than 80,000 cases, Italy as a whole having recorded nearly 30,000 deaths in more than 215,000 cases.

Pictures of many people, many of them without masks, walking along the canals in Milan to have an aperitif in the sun on Thursday made headlines in the Italian newspapers. “There are moments when you can legitimately get mad and now it’s one of those moments: the images of yesterday (Thursday) along the canals are shameful,” got carried away in a message on Facebook mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, threatening to close this area.

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