The teacher is said to have killed a three-year-old child

The teacher is said to have killed a three-year-old child

A girl is taken from a daycare center by the emergency doctor, she hardly breathes. It dies in the hospital two weeks later.

© Photo: Sascha Rixkens / dpa
A teacher is said to have killed a three-year-old girl in Viersen.

In the case of the three-year-olds killed in a daycare center in Viersen, the city has appealed to the population not to spread rumors – and to refrain from prejudice. A 25-year-old educator is suspected of murder. “We understand that terrible suspicions move many people. The fact that there are more questions than answers due to the ongoing investigation certainly contributes to the uncertainty, ”said the Facebook page of the town hall in Viersen.

The city’s dismay was great, said a city spokesman. People had started to put candles and cuddly toys in front of the daycare center to express their sympathy.

Referring to the ongoing investigation, the police and prosecutors initially did not want to provide any further information on Saturday. On Friday, it was announced that an emergency doctor had already been deployed to an urban daycare center on April 21, because a girl cared for there had stopped breathing. The child then died on May 4 in the hospital.

The doctors had turned on the police because they thought the case was suspicious. According to the investigators, an autopsy confirmed that the child had “died from outside influences”.

The educator was arrested on Tuesday and is now in custody on suspicion of murder. The investigators did not provide any further information on the cause of death.

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In the meantime, the woman is no longer employed in the daycare center, which is why the police and the public prosecutor’s office reported on a former teacher. It remained unclear whether the woman was dismissed only after her arrest or whether she had already left.

A spokeswoman for the prosecutor said on Saturday that there was no connection to an arson in a daycare center in Viersen. At the beginning of the week, a fire had been started there that had caused considerable damage to the building. The investigators make no statements as to whether the fire was set in the day care center where the crime is said to have happened. (dpa)


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