the terrible consequences of his election on his professional life

the terrible consequences of his election on his professional life

This Friday, May 22, Faustine Bollaert received Cindy Fabre on the set of the program “It begins today” on France 2. The former Miss France delivered without make-up on the terrible consequences of her year of reign on her professional life.

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Cindy Fabre (Miss France 2005): the terrible consequences of her election on her professional life

This Friday, May 22, 2020, Faustine Bollaert was at the helm of a new issue of the program “It starts today”. After listening to Adeline Blondieau talk about the terrible consequences of her marriage to Johnny Hallyday, the host looked into the case of Cindy Fabre.

In December 2004, Cindy Fabre made history by becoming Miss France 2005. Something to shake up her daily life forever. And if some Miss France manage to make a career on television after their reign, others fall back conversely into the most complete anonymity. For Cindy Fabre, the return to normal was somewhat brutal. After having been a TV host for a few years, the young woman indeed wanted to find a more stable job, unrelated to her image to “prove that it is not only her physique that counts”.

A bad pass after his Miss France year

Unfortunately, her job search quickly turned into a real fight. At Pôle Emploi, he is told in particular: “Your journey is atypical, there is nothing we can do for you. ” But no question for the former beauty queen to give up! After having followed the inconclusive job interviews, she began to wonder about her future: despite the name change on her CV, the recruiters were only interested in her reign year: “We were no longer asking me 15 billion questions about the Misses or how was Geneviève [de Fontenay, ndlr]…“, what she wanted to answer : “I’m here for the job, not to tell you about my life. ” I spent 4-5 hours of job interview telling about my experience Explained Cindy Fabre to Faustine Bollaert.

Curiosity or fun on the part of recruiters? Cindy Fabre has had many interviews … to no avail:I was a little disappointed because I was leaving, I had no answer, not because I was bad but because my profile did not match ” explains the one who is the mother of a seven-year-old boy. “The former beauty queen then explained that when she aimed too low, the employers did not want to bet on her thinking that she would not stay long … and conversely, when it aimed higher, the recruiters were rather cash: ” No, but who do you think you are? In the end what did you do? You are nothing

After years of hassle, Cindy Fabre has fortunately managed to make a career in events.

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