the very surprising job she dreamed of doing before becoming a model

the very surprising job she dreamed of doing before becoming a model

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Bella Hadid: the very surprising job she dreamed of doing before becoming a model

Before becoming one of the most requested and most present models of fashion week, Bella Hadid had a completely different professional ambition. And his dream physique was not involved AT ALL!

His life – in addition to posting it on social networks – Bella Hadid has just dissected it in the columns of the last issue of Vogue Paris. Proud of her success, it is with a certain pride that the 23-year-old woman realizes her omnipresence during the weeks of the parades whether in Milan, Paris or New York (where she lives). “I always want more, I never tell myself that it’s enough, declares Gigi Hadid’s little sister. I like to inspire the creators, that they project their universe on me. I’ve been very lucky this season, it’s true. ” History of keeping your feet on the ground, between two trips to the other side of the world or parades, Bella returns to the ranch she bought with her sister an hour from New York. It was – by the way – that she decided to confine with his parents and his sister. On site: horses and large spaces.

Secret passion

During this interview for Vogue Paris, Bella Hadid reveals that before she was spotted in the schoolyard, she longed for something else. Long after the launch in orbit of her big sister Gigi, Bella Hadid opted for a career at odds with fashion. “I grew up on a ranch in Santa Barbara, declared the pretty brunette. So when I was little, I imagined that my profession, when I grew up, would be linked to horses, or in any case to animals. “ Will be coupled with this attraction the passion of Yolanda, his mother, for photography. “She taught me a lot about it, adds Bella. So I thought that my job could be to photograph horses! “ An ambition that will gradually die out in the face of its success in fashion, but which could resume once retirement time has struck …


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