the video that further commits Bolsonaro for alleged “political interference” in the Police

the video that further commits Bolsonaro for alleged

Insults, swear words and an alleged intention to “interfere” in the Federal Police. The judge of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil Celso de Mello has published this Friday a new video related to the controversy that surrounds the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, by the accusations of the former Brazilian Justice Minister Sergio Moro, who accused him of “political interference” in the Federal Police (PF).

“I have the power and I will interfere in all the ministries, without exceptions. In banking, I speak to Paulo Guedes (Minister of Economy) in case he had to interfere. I have no problem with it, zero problems. I will also do it with the others, the news cannot surprise me ”, Bolsonaro affirms.

This is one of the tests that Moro has presented to show the performance of the Brazilian president after his statements at a ministerial meeting of his cabinet, according to the Brazilian portal G1.

“I will not wait for them to come for my family (…) if I have to change any position, I change it”

The president alludes in the video that he is not going to wait for “all his family or friends” to be harmed because he cannot “change” any office. “It will change, if it cannot change, you change the boss, can’t you change the boss? You change the minister,” he maintains, in addition to criticizing the lack of information.

For his part, the president has reacted to the publication of this video by assuring that “there are no indications of interference in the Federal Police” and that it is a “farce dismantled.” ”At what point in the recording is it shown that I interfered with the Federal Police? Sergio Moro must be angry because he has nothing. That is what happens, “he said, as reported by the newspaper‘ O Globo ’.

The president has assured that he spoke “from the heart” in the meeting that has been made public. In addition, although he has acknowledged having had “bad words” at the meeting, he has recommended that Brazilians who do not want to hear them vote for a “beginner” next time “who does not have bad words but put their hands in the pockets of the people”.

Moro became one of Bolsonaro’s main bets when he assumed the position of president of Brazil, after this magistrate made himself known for leading the special anti-corruption team in the ‘Lava Jato’ case, which ended with the conviction of several politicians , among them that of the former president of Brazil Lula da Silva.

The former judge accused Bolsonaro of “political interference” in the Federal Police (PF), where the president was planning to appoint a related person. Hours after the dismissal of the director of the PF, Maurício Valeixo, was published, Moro confirmed his disagreement with this decision, however the president has denied at all times these accusations.


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