there will be “a few days of stalling” after May 11, predicts Jean Castex, the “deconfinement gentleman” of the government

there will be

The elected representative by Matignon to think about after May 11 was heard before the Senate on Wednesday morning.

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Jean Castex prefer to prevent: “Given that all of this is going to take place in the territories”, iexpect “a few days of stalling” from May 11. Heard before the Senate Law Commission on Wednesday May 6, the “sir deconfinementbelieves that the question of transport promises to be the subject “the most delicate” in the “very large communities and in particular in Ile-de-France”.

“Here too, the key word is progressiveness”, he stressed, recalling the importance of amplifying telework that developed during the coronavirus epidemic, and setting up flexible schedules in businesses.

On schools, Jean Castex also wants to move forward slowly. “If all the schools in France do not reopen exactly the same day, under the same conditions as long as the sanitary rules are respected, well if in such municipalities it takes three more days, we will take three more days, developed theNational coordinator for the deconfinement strategy. The point is that the machine restarts, should it restart on May 11th stack? No.”

Like other European countries, such as Italy and Spain, France has opted for a gradual and differentiated deconfinement according to the regions from May 11. A new phase will begin on June 2, for a period of three weeks, with new measures which will depend on the level of the epidemic.

“The behavior of our fellow citizens is the key to the success of the victory one day against this pandemic, repeated Jean Castex. It seems to me to observe a small relaxation and it is not good because if it is prolonged in phase of exit of confinement, if one does not respect by the barrier gestures (…), one will risk the relapse “.

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