These airlines which rethink the behavior of their hostesses and stewards in coronavirus mode

These airlines which rethink the behavior of their hostesses and stewards in coronavirus mode

While airlines want to regain the confidence of their customers as quickly as possible, some do not hesitate to protect their flight personnel from head to toe to put the odds on their side.

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The Emirates company equips its cabin crew with disposable gowns

If some companies like Air France, Lufthansa, Ryanair and many others are content to make the surgical mask mandatory for flight attendants, others put the cursor a little further on the protective suit in order to reassure and regain the confidence of passengers.

This is for example the case of AirAsia which is experimenting with a health protection uniform against the coronavirus. The company did not hesitate to call on the Filipino fashion designer Puey Quinones to design them. These are red coveralls with long sleeves and with hood. Flight attendants are also equipped with a protective visor and masks.

Philippine Airlines for its part asked the Filipino designer Edwin Tan to equip its cabin crew who will wear a white jumpsuit with a blue, yellow and red touch at the shoulder to remind the colors of the Filipino flag. The uniform should then be available with different designs and colors. The hostesses and stewards of the company are also equipped with charlottes, masks and visors.

At Emirates, flight attendants wear personal protective equipment (PPE) including a simple disposable gown as well as a mask, goggles and gloves. The single-use blouse is also used at Thai Airways in addition to the charlotte, mask and visor. Finally, Gulf Air and Qatar Airways opted for a white PPE suit covering the cabin crew from head to toe over their uniform. In addition, gloves, protective glasses and masks.


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