These are the new rules for opening community swimming pools during de-escalation

These are the new rules for opening community swimming pools during de-escalation

These are the new rules for opening community swimming pools during de-escalation

  • The de-escalation phases continue to progress, and all the territories have already implemented some measures of relief in the confinement.
  • Summer is approaching and many already think about going to the pool and the beach, although it will not be allowed until phase 2, and with certain restrictions.
  • Community pools must comply with regulations in order to avoid infection, even if they are allowed to open.
  • Next, it is explained how the opening of community pools will be during de-escalation.
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As the de-escalation phases progress, the Spanish population can begin to maintain social contact, and economic activity also experiences relief policies. Of course, always with security measures to avoid infections.

At this point of the year, the opening of swimming pools and beaches is eagerly awaited.. The de-escalation coincides with the arrival of high temperatures, and this causes the population to think of the first baths of summer.

From phase 2 these enclosures are allowed to remain open, both the beaches and the public and community swimming pools. At least 51% of the population is expected to advance to this phase on May 25, although some territories will take a little longer to progress, as it has been happening until now.

The pools that are in urbanizations are not exempt from applying security measures and some restrictions, although they are private. The Official State Gazette (BOE) detailing the conditions under which they must open community pools.

In phase 2 they will have to open 30% of their capacity and requesting an appointment. In addition, the pool must be disinfected several times a day with a solution of water and bleach, including the changing rooms here. There should always be soap or hydroalcoholic liquid in the bathroom.

Each urbanization or neighborhood community will have to establish and implement its own shift system so that everyone can enjoy the use of the pool.. Otherwise, the sanitary regulations would not be being complied with. Community managers are responsible for ensuring compliance with these standards.

The common spaces should also be signposted so that the neighbors can keep the 2-meter safety distance. All personal items such as towels, bags, or books should remain in the same space.

It is mandatory to avoid any contact less than 2 meters away between bathers.

May 20, 2020 4:23 PM.


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