This drink will wash away your pounds

This drink will wash away your pounds

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In every drugstore there is now coconut water. But does it really make sense to drink the exotic and very precious water? We have found out for you why coconut water is good for you and whether it can even help you lose weight.

Coconut water: that’s in it

When you think of coconut, you are probably thinking of the creamy, white milk, which contains a lot of fat and is a small fattening agent. However, coconut water is the small amount of transparent liquid that is in the middle of the green, unripe fruit. So the coconut water has nothing to do with the fatty fruit. On the contrary: there are only 20 calories per 100 ml of coconut water. There is not a lot of water in a fruit: A maximum of 200 ml of the precious coconut water can be obtained from a large fruit. This explains the high price for this diet drink. So is it worth buying if you are looking for a good weight loss drink?

Coconut water as a diet drink: This is how the coconut helps you lose weight

The Journal of Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology presented a study that looked after diabetic rats. The animals were given coconut water for 45 days. The amazing effect of study: All rats suffering from diabetes were able to use the coconut water to lower their blood sugar levels. But this fact does not only help people with diabetes. It is also important to keep a low blood sugar level on a diet. You can do that e.g. B. with foods that do not let your blood sugar level shoot up in the first place. Which includes:

  • vegetables

  • legumes

  • Quark and plain yogurt

  • whole grain products

Coconut water is therefore supportive in your plan to consume little glucose and insulin. At first, however, this does not contribute to the actual weight loss. But what else can coconut water do?

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The best diet drink after exercise

Coconut water has many health benefits. The miracle water not only lowers the blood sugar level, but also the cholesterol level, breaks down liver fats and lowers blood pressure. But what effectively helps us lose weight are the electrolytes that are also included. Because especially after sport, when the body is exhausted and needs minerals, reaching for a sugary energy drink is fatal for your diet. The low-calorie coconut water, on the other hand, is perfect. Because here too the important electrolytes are contained, which help to replenish our fluid balance.

The right dosage – how much coconut water do you need?

A glass (200-300 ml) a day is enough to promote your heart health and to provide you with minerals after exercising.

Coconut water: really the best weight loss drink?

Coconut water has many health benefits and is also a very good drink to get back into high gear after exercising. You can only really lose weight with the trend drink if you adapt your diet. As a supplement to your other diet or change of diet, coconut water is a welcome alternative and simply really healthy.

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