this hilarious sketch for two

this hilarious sketch for two

© Screenshot – TMC
Florence Foresti and her daughter Toni: this hilarious sketch for two

Florence Foresti spoke on Thursday evening May 7 in “Quotidien” to talk about her confinement, which she spent at home with her daughter Toni, 12 years old. The opportunity to offer a little mother daughter sketch to TMC viewers.

Florence Foresti reappeared on television in the evening of May 7 in Daily on TMC. The comedian was absent from the media since the Cesar ceremony, that he had disgusted because of the coronation of Roman Polanski as best director. It was in a much lighter tone that Yann Barthès therefore found her, live from her home, where she has been confined for two months with his daughter Toni, 12 years old.

True to herself, Florence Foresti chained the sketches in this interview which was not really one. Everything had been calculated to make people laugh. Like that moment when she passes by her television, swearing to watch Daily every day, when it is Cyril Hanouna who appears on his screen. And thewe know the war that binds him to Yann Barthès. Or this sequence where she talks about her busy school schedule, and all the new things she learns. Her daughter Toni, who is in 5th grade, did not escape school at home.

Besides, the young teenager gave of her person in this sketch-interview. While her mother extols the merits of confinement – “What is good is that I was able to reweave family ties, especially with my daughter” – the little girl screams behind: “Mum !!! There is no more wifi !!” And his mother replied: “No, but it’s because I’m online, actually.” Toni then appears briefly on the screen. “Who are you with? All that for a nerdy show! No, but are you serious ?!” A false crisis that ends with a door slam. Hilarious laughter on the set. “It’s more peaceful”, concludes Florence Foresti, falsely upset.



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