This is Clemente Lequio, the older brother of Alex Lequio and son of Antonia Dell’Atte

This is Clemente Lequio, the older brother of Alex Lequio and son of Antonia Dell'Atte

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Clemente Lequio

The death of Alex Lequio He has appalled all those who have seen him born and grow, and especially his closest family. To the painful message that his mother sent, you must also keep in mind Your Angel, the song with which his brother Clemente Lequio he was saying goodbye to him.

Álex and Clemente had been four years apart and, although the moments lived together have been few but very intense, the only son of Antonia Dell’Ate He has already expressed on more than one occasion during these days the admiration and love he felt for the son of Ana Obregón.

The older brother of the Lequio clan was born in Turin, Italy, on April 2, 1988, but from the age of 2 he grew up and grew up in Spain, when for professional reasons they transferred his father, Alessandro Lequio, to Madrid. Just one year after moving to our country, the aristocrat and his mother divorced after four years of relationship.

Clemente Lequio has always kept his private life away from the media, unlike his family, which, as we all know, is made up of figures who have long been linked to the world of entertainment. For his part, he has never starred in any magazine cover and the only way to get closer to their most intimate surroundings is through their Instagram profile, where he publishes images in which he acts as a model, shows his designs and illustrations and his childhood memories.

The firstborn of Alessandro Lequio He has always been a great lover of the Arts and, thanks to the privileged position of his parents, he was lucky to be able to choose what he wanted to dedicate himself to, so he followed his passion. At present is a textile print illustrator and creates graffiti-inspired illustrations with resounding messages whose designs show a great game of contrasts and lighting. These prints are reflected in T-shirts and sweatshirts that he sells on his own website.


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