“This is something I really don’t like about you”


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Oliver Pocher: Amira Pocher: “This is something I really don’t like about you”

It seems medial for Oliver Pocher (42) and his wife Amira (27) to run just fine. The first joint program “Pocher – dangerously honest” was just launched on RTL, in which the couple skillfully played the balls. In their podcast “The Pochers Here!”, The two reveal how the two also work beyond the cameras. But it quickly becomes clear that Amira does not always agree with her sweetheart. The comedian has now published some extracts from the joint couple talk in his Instagram story, in which he is sharply criticized by Amira.

Oliver Pocher does not always receive tailwind from his wife Amira for his actions. In the video below you can see that even as a spouse they can have different views.

Amira Pocher criticizes Olli

Even if the two are in terms of humor agree, according to Amira, Oliver’s romantic streak seems to be very weak. “So that’s something I really don’t like about you,” Amira says with her criticism, “that you are not romantic.” Although the comedian vehemently disagrees, Amira continues to strike. “You don’t worry at all. You are also not a gentleman”, Amira explains her criticism and goes into fatal comparison, “I see that with the other women, they are surprised and the men consider …”

Oliver starts the counterattack

It quickly becomes clear that this is not the first time that this topic has come up on the Pochers’ table. “You don’t like flowers at all,” says Oliver. No quick argument for Amira: “But there are a lot more other nice things. It’s just about the idea.” Even with his argument “But I think about you every day”, Oliver cannot soften his wife’s heart. Amira becomes clearer: “It’s about the thought: ‘Today I make her happy’.”

If you want to play mice in the everyday life of the Pochers, you can listen to further audio samples of the little dispute on Audio Now or order the entire podcast by Oliver and Amira.

What loves teasing himself. During their live performances, Oliver and Amira are once again a heart and a soul, as you can see in the video below.