This is the strange OnePlus bug for which there is still no official solution

This is the strange OnePlus bug for which there is still no official solution

Some users with OnePlus devices are experiencing a strange error for which there is currently no solution, and that comes to swap the audio channels for the headphones.

Nowadays the audio experience is as important as the visual one because many programs or games require a high sound quality to enjoy them to the fullest. However, titles such as Warzone or Fortnite They require playing with headphones if you want to get good results to hear the footsteps of the enemies or to know in the auditory space where the shots are happening.

Some users with OnePlus devices are reporting a rather strange error that swaps them the left and right audio channels when they’re using wired headphones. This problem seems to be reproducing especially in the OnePlus 7 but also on other devices from the Chinese firm.

Curiously, the first time someone spoke about this error, it dates back to 2014, and although it seemed an isolated problem, it is starting to reproduce now with the latest terminals, and the strangest thing is that OnePlus itself has never spoken about it.

The fact that OnePlus may not have solved it is due to that more and more people use their terminals with wireless headphones, in which this ruling is not reproduced. The fact that the exchange of audio channels is also a factor that is not considered important when making a call, has delegated this failure to the background.

Although there is no official solution in this regard, some users have reported that certain multimedia players can be used to exchange the audio channels to solve the problem. Another solution that the user has is to listen to the audio in mono.

If this problem reproduces you, the easiest solution is to buy a wireless headset that today there are quite cheap on the market.



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