this politician who deeply disappointed him

this politician who deeply disappointed him

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Emmanuel Macron angry: this politician who deeply disappointed him

Emmanuel Macron would have invited Gérard Larcher and Richard Ferrand to lunch to discuss the holding of the second round of municipal elections, an invitation refused by the President of the Senate. What disappoint the head of state.

Sunday, March 15, when restaurants, bars, cafes were already closed, but confinement was not yet officially proclaimed, the French were going to vote for the first round of the municipal elections. And if many mayors have been elected in many cities, 5,000 municipalities still have no new mayor. Indeed, confinement requires, the second round could not be maintained. After the deconfinement, the government therefore thought about organizing the second ballot, despite the numerous security standards implemented since May 11. Friday May 22, Edouard Philippe finally announced that the second round of municipal elections in the municipalities concerned would take place on June 28. A choice that the executive had to make alone. Indeed, Emmanuel Macron would have liked to consult Richard Ferrand, President of the National Assembly, and Gérard Larcher, President of the Senate, who would not have wanted to position themselves.

Emmanuel Macron exasperated by Gérard Larcher’s refusal to discuss the second round

According to information from Duck Chained, Gérard Larcher would have flatly refused the invitation of the president to lunch Thursday, May 14. No way , he would have answered Emmanuel Macron. It must be said that the maintenance of the first round, in the midst of a health crisis, had been widely criticized. In the Senate, we would therefore refuse to be put to sleep like the last time, when the right demanded that the first round be held on March 15 . His refusal to cooperate would have deeply disappointed Emmanuel Macron, already exhausted by the management of the health crisis. I don’t know if it’s hypocrisy or cowardice , said the head of state, not understanding Gérard Larcher’s decision. He would even go so far as to denounce the attitude of those who lament that they are never concerted, and who now deplore being too . Atmosphere.