This revelation that will surprise you …

This revelation that will surprise you ...

The host would think about making a decision about his new show!

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Cyril Hanouna (Take it or leave it): This revelation that will surprise you …

Monday May 18, Cyril Hanouna launched Take it or leave it. A game originally hosted by Arthur on TF1 from 2004 to 2010, before being picked up by Julien Courbet from 2014 to 2015 on C8.

“It is a concept that I know well because I have already practiced it a little with the ‘boxes’ in Touche pas à mon poste (…) In any case, I am like crazy at the idea of ​​taking place on the set. In addition, I already feel a real enthusiasm of viewers at the idea of ​​finding the game “, he confided to Télé-Loisirs. “The platform is large enough to accommodate the 24 candidates spaced more than a meter away. I, too, have marks on the ground so as not to be too close to the candidates and I could obviously not be tactile with them”.

Invited to the Anne Roumanoff program, he again expressed his feelings and his pride in presenting this program.

“I live the game thoroughly. I live a dream. In addition, I do it live. So it’s even more kif because every night, we write a different scenario and it’s true that we live incredible emotions “, he said on Europe 1.

Then the host made a revelation: “I’m telling you the truth, Anne, this is a little info that I am giving you. It works so well, that even this morning, we were with the bosses of C8, we said to ourselves, it still makes us the trouble to stop for the start of the school year., he said declaring that a return of the game in September was not “not impossible”.



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