“Try to reach my level and we can talk!”


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Excluded. Qualified for the final of Koh-Lanta, Inès responds to her detractors: “Try to reach my level and we can talk!”

After the episode broadcast on Friday, May 22, 2020, we now know the five finalists from Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes. For Télé-Loisirs, Inès recalls her new status and points to her (many) detractors.

Mocked for a too short swimsuit during the first episode of Koh-Lanta the island of heroes, Ines thwarted all the predictions of the fans by qualifying for the grand finale of the adventure game. So it’s alongside Claude, Alexandra, Moussa and Naoil that the young woman of 25 will play the orientation next week to try to win a place on the poles and the title of grand winner of the show. For Télé-Loisirs, Inès debrieffe this last episode and confides in her adventure.

Télé-Loisirs : So here you are in the final … How do you feel?

Inès: Joy, of course! If I got there, it’s not for nothing, I deserve this place. It’s an adventure so hard to live, you can’t get to the final by having done nothing! I know that some Internet users will continue to attack me, saying that I do not deserve my place. I just want to tell them “look at you ! Register and try to reach the same level as me and there we can debate and talk!

Régis left the adventure at the end of this advice, you expected it?

Truly not ! For me, it was I who was going to be eliminated, I was convinced. I thought that following the blow that Claude had struck me with the bags on the comfort test, he was going to put my name on his two votes. Even if after my apologies, it was better between us, I remained suspicious, because he has the vice and the screwdriver in him (laughs).

This test of immunity with the dominoes seemed unbearable …

Oh yes ! Already it was exhausting heat during this event where you had to stay very focused, because we knew that everyone could jump at the end. I felt really threatened, even Denis Brogniart told me several times “calm down Inès”, because I tend to lose my temper. I really applied his advice for this test and it clearly helped me.

How do you analyze this bloodstroke with Claude last Friday ?

As it was a totally unexpected gesture on his part, when I see the reaction of certain people, I have the impression that we are at Club Med and that I should have thanked him for having given me these bags. It was very brutal, I felt humiliated by Claude. I shouldn’t have reacted like this, and that’s also why I apologized right after the comfort. What disappoints me the most is this feeling of not having the right to make mistakes, nothing is spared me. We tend to forget that if Claude is an outstanding adventurer now, it is also because he has learned from the mistakes he may have made in the past.

One has the impression that some Internet users are really not tender with you …

It’s the least we can say ! Taking thousands of insults a minute is really not easy. Each time I try to put things into perspective, to take a step back, but it’s incredibly violent. I am a person who has zero self-confidence, and I take every criticism head on. Fortunately, my loved ones are all very proud of me and I hold on to that. With everything I got in my face, I think I would be in depression if I did not try to put everything into perspective.

Have you planned, like Régis, to pursue legal action?

Absolutely ! Some threats have really gone too far and I find it so cowardly to do it behind a screen, I went to the police station to file a complaint. The investigation is underway and I sincerely hope that these people will be punished.

How do you feel about the broadcast of the program?

Not very well ! Even if Koh Lanta remains the best adventure of my life, what I see on the screen does not really reflect what I had the impression of living. The image that is sent back from me displeases me, I pass for an inactive on the camp, we see my rants without necessarily re-contextualizing. Feedback from Internet users is not easy, even far from it. I have the feeling that Koh Lanta has become a hot topic where everyone can afford to say anything. Having to justify yourself on things that happened to us a year ago is tiring.