“Until now there has not been a brave government in the Junta that reaches into the Odiel bridge”


Archive image of Julio Díaz at the roundabout to access the Santa Eulalia siphon bridge.

In a statement, Díaz explains that Ciudadanos “has provided a viable and innovative solution”, through the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University, to solve the problems of the Odiel bridge, which supports traffic from 44,000 vehicles on average a day and that affect the people of Huelva and the multitude of visitors that come along the coast.

Díaz details that the system of public purchase of innovation, put in place by the Orange Ministry of Rogelio Velasco, will allow executing “a comprehensive solution to the multiple problems that the Odiel bridge has dragged on for years.”

“Until now there has not been a government that tackles these problems head-on and gives it concrete solutions, after multiple unfulfilled promises by successive socialist governments, a multitude of proposed solutions that have never come (from the three bridges), but now it is The feasible solution has been budgeted so that Fomento can, with 2.5 million euros, provide intelligent and environmentally friendly solutions, “he adds.

The orange spokesperson recalls that, beyond the comprehensive action to improve the comprehensive safety of the bridge, work is also being carried out on the Santa Eulalia siphon bridge, which “now takes on a greater role in relieving the pressure of the Odiel bridge at peak hours before the high volume of traffic and circulation. ”

Díaz concludes that the security measures of this bridge, inaugurated in 1969, “had become obsolete and that is why at the moment it is being adapted for the best use of road traffic.” In fact, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development has provided in the budgets for this year ten million euros for this action.


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