US researchers shot dead just before breakthrough

US researchers shot dead just before breakthrough

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The 37-year-old Bing Liu from Pennsylvania researched the novel corona virus. Now he was found shot in his apartment. (Symbolic photo)

The researcher Dr. Bing Liu (37) examined the novel corona virus and was on the brink of a research breakthrough – now he was found dead in his home in Pennsylvania. Shot with multiple bullets and a headshot!

How “Philly Voice“With reference to” action news “reported, a second body in a car is said to have been found near the house. The man’s name was Hao Gu (46) and, according to the police, was said to have been an acquaintance of the doctor.

“Our investigations over the weekend have shown that the man in the car first shot the man in the townhouse and then himself,” said a police statement.

Corona: Researchers found shot shortly before breakthrough

Police officer Brian Kolhepp said, “During our investigation, there was nothing to suggest that this incident has anything to do with Mr. Liu’s work or research.”

Liu worked as a research assistant at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine. His area of ​​expertise was “computer modeling and the analysis of biological systems and their dynamics”, it is said.

Bing Lui: Doctor stood out through his research on Corona

The university emphasizes that he was a “remarkable” and “successful” researcher who stood out with his research on Covid-19. “He was just starting to get interesting results,” said Ivet Bahar, Liu’s department head, who said,Post Gazette“” He is working with us to understand the mechanism of the infection, hopefully we can continue his work. ”

According to a statement from the university: “Bing was on the verge of a significant breakthrough in understanding the cell mechanism underlying SARS-CoV-2 and its cell base. We will try to accomplish what he started and honor his scientific excellence. ”(Mei)


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