Vox collapses the center of Barcelona with its caravan “for freedom” and against the state of alarm

Vox collapses the center of Barcelona with its caravan

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Vox has managed this Saturday to collapse the center of Barcelona with a caravan of about 500 vehicles whose occupants demanded the end of the state of alarm and the resignation of the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias. The call was held with a large influx of motorized protesters in the main cities of Spain under the motto Caravan for Spain and its freedom.

In the case of Barcelona, ​​members of the organization have denounced that they have been attacked with packages of stones and nails. However, they have played down what happened. Especially in view of the success of the protest. Many people have wanted to participate on foot despite the prohibition to do so under the state of alarm due to the impossibility of keeping the safety distance. The demonstration has also been held in Girona, a clearly independent enclave that this Saturday, however, has seen numerous vehicles roll down its main streets carrying Spanish flags.

The Barcelona MP from Vox Ignacio Garriga He was satisfied after the demonstration took place. In his Twitter account, Garriga has assured that “the whole of Catalonia says Enough“and has demanded the” resignation of the social communist government of lies, unemployment and the miseryVox will be the patriot alternative and Social”, has added in the same message, “before this totalitarian government supported by bilduetarras and separatists

Different Catalan separatist and anti-fascist groups have responded to Vox’s call, which, under the label #RecuperemElsCarrers, have called for various mobilizations to regain control of the protests in Catalonia with the aim of ending, like the formation of Santiago Abascal, the state of alarm. It is the case of the so-called Defense Committee of the Republic (CDR), which have called for mobilizations in defense of different rights and freedoms.



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