Vox’s massive car protest collapses central Madrid

Vox's massive car protest collapses central Madrid

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Hundreds of vehicles collapse the center of Madrid in a protest that has been massive called by Vox against Pedro’s government Sanchez. The Paseo de Recoletos is from minutes before 12 noon on this Saturday paralyzed by the large influx of vehicles.

The capital of Spain is one of the many points throughout the country that these protests are taking place, authorized by government delegations or the Superior Courts of Justice. In Madrid, the Municipal Police has deployed a device that consisted of allowing access to the Recoletos Pass area (call point) to the cars carrying a flag of Spain and has opted for divert vehicles that did not carry any distinctive element of the call.

From noon, the Paseo de Recoletos presents the image of a great traffic jam with the protesters inside the cars, getting on them or walking on the asphalt. They honk their horns, and the speakers play songs like the Spanish anthem or the Manolo Escobar song ‘Qué viva España’. They also shout slogans against the Socialist Executive and ask for the resignation of Pedro Sánchez.

The presence of both the National Police and the Municipal Police are noted in the area.


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