Waldkraiburg suspect sympathized with IS

Waldkraiburg suspect sympathized with IS

© Frederico Gambarini / dpa
Smashed window panes of a Turkish kebab snack bar. At night, the windows of the Turkish shop were broken and a bucket of malodorous substance was thrown into the shop. Now the suspect’s motives became known.

Rosenheim. The arrest probably prevented worse: The 25-year-old alleged assassin from Waldkraiburg had pipe bombs in his luggage and is said to have sympathized with the terrorist militia Islamic State.

The 25-year-old arrested after the attacks on businesses of Turkish origin in Bavarian Waldkraiburg sympathized with the IS terror militia. The man stated that his hatred of Turks and an anti-Turkish sentiment was the motive for the crime, that he was a supporter of IS. This was announced by representatives of the police and public prosecutor’s office on Sunday at a press conference broadcast online from Rosenheim. Pipe bombs and a pistol were found in the man.

He had planned further attacks, but according to initial investigations, there were apparently no concrete plans. Whether the man had accomplices or confidants is still being determined.

According to the information, the suspect is himself a German citizen and his parents come from Turkey. “I am relieved that the dangerous perpetrator no longer poses any danger,” said Robert Kopp, President of the Presidium for the Upper Bavarian South.

In the middle of April, stones had flown three times in the window panes of Turkish shops in Waldkraiburg, and a vegetable shop went up in flames. Six people were injured. In addition to serious arson and dangerous bodily harm, the man is accused of attempted murder.

The man had been checked by the federal police on Friday evening at the train station in Mühldorf am Inn because he was not in possession of a valid ticket during an inspection. According to the information, ten functional pipe bombs were found in his luggage. In a car in an underground garage in Garching, the investigators found 13 further functional pipe bombs and around ten kilograms of a chemical suitable as an explosive. In the man’s Waldkraiburger apartment, the officers also secured additional material and a pistol.


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