Was Greta Killed At Midday Sleep?

Was Greta Killed At Midday Sleep?

Terrifying insights in the case of a childminder suspected of murder in Viersen: The investigators are investigating incidents in earlier daycare centers of the 25-year-olds.

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Painted stones, children’s drawings and soft toys lie in front of the daycare center in Viersen.

A nightmare: parents thought their children were in good hands in the daycare. But their little ones were in real danger. In the murder investigation against a suspect educator the authorities on the Lower Rhine encountered further incidents in three former kindergartens of the 25-year-olds. Unlike little Greta in Viersen, other children survived – even if a boy subsequently had unexplained seizures.

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Parents would first have to cope with this finding, said Manfred Joch, head of the crime directorate of the Mönchengladbach police on Thursday: “Relatives go through a difficult time.”

The little Greta mother had brought her child back to the Corona emergency group of a daycare center after weeks of April 21, as the head of the homicide commission, Guido Roßkamp, ​​said. Before that, the child was well looked after by the godfather-aunt: a robust, happy and healthy girl. On that day, Greta was the only child in this emergency group – cared for by the 25-year-old child-care worker and a colleague.

There was lunch at 1 p.m., then the little one got tired: Between 1.20 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. she was put to bed. The supervisor said goodbye. The 25-year-old educator was now alone with the child. At 15-minute intervals, she claims to have checked her breath by putting her hand on Greta’s chest, as she said in a questioning, according to Roßkamp. At 2:45 p.m. the teacher no longer wants to have noticed breathing. The child was unresponsive, the body pale and blue.

Brain damage due to lack of oxygen

The emergency doctor brought the little one to the children’s clinic in Viersen. The child was kept alive with machines. Greta had brain damage due to lack of oxygen. On May 4, the child, who had previously been so happy and healthy, suffered brain death.

Forensic doctors found traces that indicated violence. For the investigators, only the educator is considered a perpetrator – even if traces are still being evaluated. The prosecutor’s office assumes insidious murder, as prosecutor Lothar Gathen said.

During her investigation into daycare facilities where the woman previously worked, the appalling realization came: “We had to find out that there were similar incidents there,” said Manfred Joch. The investigators assume, among other things, an attack on a child in a daycare center in nearby Tönisvorst. In that case, the suspect got help in good time.

There, a nearly two-year-old girl stopped breathing at a changing station. The child was previously completely healthy and unremarkable. The prosecutor’s office is now investigating those who have been subjected to abuse. According to the police, the child subsequently said that the teacher had pressed him on the stomach.


There are said to have been five attacks on a single child in Krefeld. Four attacks on a child in a facility in Kempen, Lower Rhine. In both daycare centers, the investigation is still at the beginning, as the spokesmen said. Because none of the incidents had been reported to the police.

Educator was considered “unsuitable”

Who is this educator? At the press conference, the misunderstanding became clear how such a person could work in daycare for so long. When she was recognized in August 2017 in a facility in Krefeld, the police said that it was clear from the first few days that this was the wrong job for the woman: no empathy, no access to children, no ability to show boundaries. In the end she got it in writing: “Not very suitable” was in the rating. Nevertheless, she ended up taking her exam as a state-certified educator.

Even if the victims are still very small, they speak their own language. The mother of the affected boy in Krefeld told the investigators that her boy had developed an aversion to the daycare center when the woman started working. The child could not express himself linguistically and therefore showed it differently. The child did not want to go back to the daycare center until the teacher left the facility.

The pretender pretended crime

The educator was arrested on May 19 and is in custody. According to the investigators, she has exercised her right to remain silent. According to the prosecutor, there is no psychiatric report. The young woman didn’t want to talk anymore.

An incident in the past year makes it clear that something may be wrong with her. There she reported to the police that she had been the victim of a crime, as the head of the homicide commission said. A coroner subsequently found that she had taught herself injuries. At that time, she was advised to get psychological treatment.

Have early warning signs been ignored?

The focus is now on several institutions. “If the terrible allegations are true, it is also necessary to investigate in detail on the spot whether serious early warning signs have been ignored and whether the incidents have not been reported to the responsible youth welfare office and no reports have been made,” the NRW family ministry said on Thursday evening when asked German press agency with.

The incidents should be cleared up thoroughly and comprehensively. The responsible state youth welfare office was asked for a report. “The suspicion of the 25-year-old weighs heavily and is unbearable,” said the Ministry. “Our sympathy goes to parents and relatives.”

According to an earlier denial, the city of Kempen has admitted that there were four incidents in the daycare center in which the teacher worked. A city spokesman said on Thursday that the emergency doctor had been called four times because a child complained of shortness of breath. Accident reports had been sent to the accident insurance fund via the youth welfare office as prescribed. These are also not objectionable. “There were no signs of thinking in any other direction,” it said.

The city of Krefeld said that the accused had completed an internship with her. The investigators have already communicated everything that needs to be communicated. The district of Viersen, in which Tönisvorst is located, where the educator also worked, referred to the state youth welfare office on request. The Rhineland Regional Association announced as the state youth welfare office that the ongoing investigation did not comment on the case. (dpa)


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