Waterloo proposes that the Generalitat join a ‘lobby’ defending oppressed minorities

Waterloo proposes that the Generalitat join a 'lobby' defending oppressed minorities

Photograph provided by the Generalitat of its president, Quim Torra.

Number four on the list of European JxCAT and president of CATGlobal ASBL, Erika Casajoana, person very close to Carles Puigdemont has proposed to the Generalitat to join the ‘lobby’ of oppressed European minorities, The Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), an entity based in Germany but very active in Brussels in the defense of groups such as the Kurds, the Macedonian minority in Albania, the gypsy people, the Russians in Estonia or the Tatars in Crimea. At first glance it would seem that Catalonia has very little to do with these situations, but this is not the opinion held by Casajoana, who assures that the Catalans “suffer persecution” by the Spanish Government.

Casajoana explains everything on the blog of Sobirania and Justice, an association registered in Brussels also as a ‘lobby’ before the EU and which openly defends the independence of Catalonia.

“The first step that the Government of Catalonia should take is join the Federal Union of European Nationalities, (FUEN) (Federal Union of European Nationalities). It is a powerful continental ‘lobby’ that launched the successful European Citizen Initiative ‘Minority Safepack’ to increase the protection of minorities and unofficial languages ​​in the European Union, “says Casajoana in this surprising proposal.

“We always claim our rights, we must not pass one. In a more democratic environment, our freedom will be unstoppable”

This formerly ‘lobbyist’ policy in Brussels justifies it in the following way: “Let us be a national minority, temporarily. Let us keep the Council of Europe and the Community institutions informed of the persecution we suffer. We always claim our rights, we must not pass one. In a more democratic environment, our personal and collective freedom will be unstoppable. ”

The proposal is dated April 30 and shows how, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the environment of independence in Waterloo maintains the same line, as is the case of Puigdemont’s proposal to tax objection in this income statement. They are crazy proposals that break with many logical dynamics.

Are Catalans like the Kurdish people? As much as Casajoana says, it would seem obvious not. But if the logic of independence is that the Spanish government does not recognize its majority in Catalonia, which by the way has never obtained more than 50% of the votes in an election, sign up for a minority ‘lobby’ that, for example, defends Roma groups against racism, it seems a certain contradiction.

Financed by Germany

Were It is a ‘lobby’ that according to its own information is financed by German entities, such as regional governments, and from there they obtain their funds. Before the EU, where it is recognized as a ‘lobby’, has declared that it has an annual budget of more than one million euros, which implies that it is an entity with great potential for influence.

But the CCAA are not associate members. The only Spanish entity that is part of FUEN is Plataforma per la Llengua, an entity that defends Catalan and whose objective is to make Catalan the official language of the European Union.

Erika Casajoana assures that independence is the only way for Catalans to free themselves from the “persecution” they suffer from the Government

But Erika Casajoana’s approach goes much further. In his opinion, “as long as the Catalan Countries are part of the Spanish State, we will be an oppressed national minority. We therefore embrace for a time this condition to assert our rights internationally as such, which are also human rights.” Casajoana rightly assures in her article that the EU does not sympathize with the cause of Catalan independence but does sympathize with the violations of rights in its territory. More doubtful is whether Catalonia would fit that profile.

Contact with Catalonia

The FUEN ‘lobby’ has already had contacts with Catalonia. Loránt Vincze, President of the Federal Union of European Nationalities visited Catalonia in 2019 to present the SafePack Initiative for Minorities so that the EU protects and promotes regional and minority languages ​​and cultures of the same type. During his visit, Vincze participated in an event organized by the ANC.

During his stay in Barcelona, ​​the President of FUEN, Loránt Vincze, met with Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, with members of the National Assembly of Catalonia and with the CUP.


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