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“I’m getting out. After three and a half very great, but also very exhausting years, I decided to do a cut now.” With these words opposite “picture” said goodbye Angelo Kelly (38) from “The Kelly Family”. For many fans, this news was a shock on Thursday (May 14th). But the 38-year-old was not only a singer, he was also the leader, organizer and marketing director of the band. Angelo himself would never have expected that all of these tasks could become too much. All the more surprising was the news: burnout! And so the singer pulled the ripcord.

This is what Patricia Kelly says about Angelo’s exit

After this Patricia Kelly (50) last year with BUNTE the clinical picture burnout had spoken in the family, she now took a position on her brother’s decision to leave the band. In an interview with RTL, the singer revealed that the news was not unexpected for her: “Angelo informed us half a year ago that he was no longer there. It is important for me that the Kelly Family continues. “In any case, there seem to be no disputes over Angelo’s decision. “It’s okay. We always have an open door. He can come back at any time and we will go on. We have big plans.”

For Patricia herself, an exit would be nothing. Instead, she was confident about the future of the band: “The constellation of the Kelly Family was always different. Before there were our parents, then there were the older siblings, then there was a break, some continued solo. We continue”, so the 50 year old.

So it goes on for Angelo Kelly

Due to the stress and the tour appearances of the Kelly Family in the past three years, the family of Angelo Kelly and his five children were neglected. “You can’t be a normal family man anymore. My head rattled all the time, even at night,” said the singer. His wife Kira Kelly (40) would have supported him as best he could in the difficult time. But in the end the singer had to bend. Now Angelo wants to concentrate fully on his family. Finally, there is some catching up to do.

Jimmy Kelly announces a surprise to Kelly fans

Also reported on Instagram Jimmy Kelly (49) to speak. Angelo’s big brother is overwhelmed with requests, but he nips the concerns of the fans in the bud because the band will continue to perform together. Even better. “We decided to take a break after the last tour, but I can assure you that we’re preparing something really big together! It will be a project full of surprises, personally I have been hoping for a few years and am already looking forward to it, “he writes. However, he does not reveal what it is yet. Patience is now required …

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